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#1 Birthday
Nov 05, 2017
German Deli, HW

Secret Guest
Ireen Amnes

Visual Performance
Tamara Al-Mashouk

Resident Advisor



motion video


video performance documentation

Tamara Al Mashouk for Koodeta:

To celebrate the first anniversary of London's only techno night for women, Video Artist Tamara Al Mashouk created a unique visual performance. Even though Koodeta creates a themed artwork for every event, live visuals hadn't been incorporated until then. To commemorate the first year of non-stop quality music, with non-stop quality people, Tamara created a complex structure which revealed itself at midnight. Two screens were installed. The first semi-transparent screen dropped in front of the DJs showing the guests the visual history of all of Koodeta's artwork to date. After this introduction, the first screen came down to reveal the second screen simultaneously lighting up behind the DJs. 3 hours of tailored video art complimented the final set of the night. The very last visual was of Koodeta's anniversary artwork 'touch of techno'. Happy 1st Birthday