Koodeta London
Techno. Women.


Coup d'etat: [Koodeta] 
The overthrow of the current establishment, by a small group of dissidents within the government.
Koodeta is an intimate, quarterly night from women for women who like women, who LOVE hard and brutal kick in the teeth techno.

For women

Koodeta is first and foremost for female-identifying individuals of all sexualities. But even so, we are not anti-men. Men are welcome – although at a significantly lower number and only to prior selection. Men granted entry are considered family and are known and trusted by the organisers.


Female DJs, artists and producers

Male artists outnumber female artists. Yet talented and inspiring, emerging and underground female techno artists are out there. Koodeta supports them alongside more known female artists.


Great vibes only

A loving vibe is everything to us. Anyone with the right attitude is welcome – anyone who we trust will enjoy, respect, and enhance this shared experience.


No pictures

Koodeta is meant to be a safe space for women who love women who love techno and everything that comes with it. ‘No pictures’ means you can be, do, act & dress however and whatever you like without getting interrupted or distracted. You and the music, that’s all that matters.

Privacy is holy.